The castle

The 18th century residence backing on to the cliff, the old 15th century dwelling, the octagonal tower overlooking the Loire, the troglodytic pigeon-house with its turret peeping out from the vineyard, and of course, the cave dug into the tuffeau: the Chateau du Hureau is really a most unusual site of priceless charm, where you are warmly invited to visit us.

A site of a unique charm…

Tastings take place in our reception room. (15th century)…536

You will discover our 2011 vintage Saumur Champigny and our different cuvées: Tuffe, Fours à Chaux, Fevettes et Lisagathe. Are you a Chenin enthousiast? If you are, you are sure to enjoy tasting our Hureau 2012 and the great Foudre 2011.

While visiting the cave you will discover our troglodytic pigeon-house(16th century)…